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About Trust

GCU Endowment Fund Trust

In most reputed universities of Europe and America, endowment funds have been integral and important instrument to maintain their quality. Big endowment funds of these universities enable them to progress and initiate new projects and disciplines. In fact, endowment funds minimize their dependency on government thus they become autonomous and progressive universities, in real sense. GCU is the first public sector university in Pakistan which had initiated its Endowment Fund Trust in 2003. According to the deed Vice Chancellor of GCU is the ex-officio Chairman of the Trust.

Then in 2006 the trust established an Executive Committee to work on its behalf for the generation of funds. Mr. Jawaid Tariq Khan graciously bore all financial cost for establishing office of the trust and providing infrastructure for the office situated in the GCU campus. He bore a cost of Rs.3 million. In three years the Executive Committee C successfully managed to generate an amount of Rs.20 Million. In 2009 the trust nominated Mr. Iqbal Z. Ahmed to act as President of the EC. Though concept of endowment fund is relatively new in Pakistan yet the Executive Committee of the Trust with the support of old ravians and GCU Welfare Society have successfully manage to generate handsome amount of funds. During the last year, it has collected more then 10 million rupees which reflect its commendable efforts.